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HKFA 2011

I did watch the HK Film Awards, and you know, this year is indeed better. But it’s not exactly better because it’s better, it’s better because it includes a lot of old clips and stories, it evokes a lot of memories of what we consider a “good time". Which is sad, because we always have to depend on the past to taste what’s good, meaning the current scene is nothing good. It’s very obvious for the music industry. Why do old song concerts sell well – just because of a large old audience?, why do new singing contestants choose old songs – they are young! to show skills? – why do old songs show skills and new songs don’t?, what happens to the current scene why aren’t there some memorable songs that everyone in all ages know by heart and feel connected? We remember the past, we pay tribute, we respect and mention them from time to time, that’s a good thing; but when that’s the only thing that we can treasure and appreciate, we’re in a dangerous situation when the contemporary sucks, and we should be very careful of what to do and what we make.

Anyway. I like to see the old faces that were young, the faces that’re gone. Sorry that I don’t have time to make screen caps. Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui, Tony Leung… they’re all great to look at — OK they’re not all in heaven but not personally in the ceremony that night. It’s lovely to see their clips still. Forget about Jackie Chan. Why is he just so there and so mentioned every time. Uh.

I don’t really have much to say, haven’t watched most of the movies. Let me talk about the website. Remember that the real (official) one doesn’t look like a real one? You know, I found an official-looking one: Tudou. So comprehensive, even a convincing layout. It sounds ironic and pathetic, but that’s why Hong Kong needs piracy. Don’t complain.

I’m impressed with 薩頂頂 and 吳青峰’s music and performance. They finally invited someone who can sing.


Film Awards

you know every year i’m excited to watch the Oscars.

cos everyone’s like all so glamorous and smart and nice clothes and great funny presentations and speeches

there may be moments when you find it too presentable and faking to be politically correct and when you don’t like a prize going to some film

but overall you enjoyed the show cos it’s entertaining and professionally made



AND THEN every year the HK FILM AWARDS come AFTER

and you don’t really anticipate anything

cos you’ll be disappointed and embarrassed

and you go so pissed. do we have a nicer place for an important event? can the camera view be better? have they practised their speech? are they copying the oscars montage again? why can’t anyone sing? where do those performers come from? why are inside jokes so inside that nobody understands? can someone say grand ideas besides thanking their mentors?

and then you’re like idontcomefromhongkongidontcomefromhongkongidontcomefromhongkong

but then

well, this is your place. and there are sweet moments in the ceremony. there are lovely people. and every year, though vainly, you just wish that it will be better next year.

just hoping. we don’t know what comes this year yet!

(Simpsons images from Tumblr)

and speaking of third world, HKFA does a better job than TVB:

i mean i can’t even believe. if you find something that looks more like an official website, please let me know.



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