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再少許鹽(嚴)呀、少許鞋油呀,唔理個場地背景同馬浚偉啲衫點變,集集千篇一律,完全港式制度考試加名星秀;過隔離望望,我唔鍾意小朋友都覺得Junior MasterChef Australia好好睇,唔悶嘅原因唔係因為有小朋有或唔夠嚴,睇MasterChef認真過你多多聲,出來嘅效果唔係悶,係緊張同對烹調、食物同餐飲管理有多層理解同想法,唔係淨係睇啲嘢食點煮同點食(嘉賓擺嘢食入口都未必好好睇㗎咋),唔係淨係睇分輸嬴嘅比賽。仲有明明係啲廚師鬥烹飪,(poster)關馬浚偉個頭咩事,你估佢係Gordon Ramsay咩,佢可唔可以唔好再做啲唔係自己專長嘅節目(不過佢有咩專長?)。



Destined to fail.


劇還未播,但從宣傳片已可見這是甚麼一回事。人人鬧來鬧去鬥大聲,係近年鬧劇特徵 (《溏心風暴之家好月圓》、《鐵馬尋橋》、《宮心計》等等等等),以分貝營造好有「戲味」嘅感覺,有事無事情緒化,仲唔夠,仲要驚人feel唔到,動作大而且表情誇張,配合浮誇戲服化妝,總之要谷一個「大製作」嘅效果;好人受苦就喊住大嗌,奸人害人就大大聲講晒出來,唔洗有腦唔洗有謀,總之惡就得喇。

呢個時候重播《金枝慾孽》,係覺得《金》可以吸引觀眾繼續追看宮中你爭我鬥,定係有信心《紫》可以與《金》相提並論?只怕人比人比死人,更令人懷緬過去。現在看《金》,再沉醉此劇如何處理微妙而深刻的感情,唔係下下畫腸「我鍾意佢,佢又唔鍾意我」、「我而家就要jut死你,你去死啦」。單單看轉接廣告的幾秒片子(這些晚上除了劇本身最愛就是這些幾秒),鏡頭在幾角色間一晃,已有 美 感 地 暗示他們複雜的關係,藝術性極高,可惜搜不到當年的短版宣傳片(只搜到這版本),印象中很美亦有深度。



This show is:

This show plays for 30 minutes to teach like 3 words, with an unbearable amount of unnecessary unnecessariness. I know it’s a game show, but it’s not even entertaining. It’s more boring than high school Chinese lessons. As usual (TVB game shows) it includes “(common) knowledge" that only historians and language experts would dig into. I don’t see how it’s relevant at all. And does Steven even know enough Chinese to host (the same question to Patrick Tang for the first season)?

I miss 最緊要正字. There’s a lot of controversy among the linguistic geeks, but I love this show, I love the professors I think they’re charming, though I don’t like 王貽興 that much, but it’s okay. Even when they still had a lot of acting and silly plays to link the contents, a far greater amount of words (that’re related to daily life) are introduced in each episode and it’s what educational programme means.

2 more things from 7 days

隔離七日情 7 Days in Life

i don’t really watch this series (cos it’s too obviously low-tech and stupid), but since my family 電視送飯 i managed to take a few glimpses of what’s going on.

i don’t think anyone could forget this song from 誘情轉駁 Links to Temptation which also plays in 7 Days. has it become a Steven Ma theme song?
i cracked up at the youtube subtitle but honestly i don’t think this is a bad tune, definitely not as bad as what the comments say. only that it may be played too often at cheesy moments and made sentimental just like what happened to O Come, O Come, Emmanuel in 富貴門 Born Rich.

this is supposed to be a real vintage photo, not a blatantly photoshopped mock-up. but then, since the drama is comedic, i’m not even sure if it’s intentional, for even serious ones are not taken good care of. now, have i linked back to that entry too often?