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聽 農夫好似食藥咁
聲 難聽到唔到乙等
Yet 內容又令人好振奮
Ed ison間公司又有份
Bet something to do with西人
So this time啲歌有improvement!

i told you we should appreciate Edison. this is a good album he produces. even the mv (above) is so much more lively and cooler than the majority of local mvs. and yes, Fama write better stuff this time — still don’t like their voices much though.

new album playlist here


Nicholas Tse appreciation

i don’t know where this guitar-smashing boy has gone. he’s become a humble father and an industrious/industrial movie actor now.

isn’t that a pity?

isn’t wasn’t he mega hot?

and cool?

doesn’t didn’t he sing really well?

isn’t this underwater music video better than eason’s? (i do think eason’s a great musician, but he always fails in visual presentation, he does. all his music videos leave me clueless in terms of aesthetics.) nic knows what visuals to go with his music and how he should look like and what would look good.

was his face not flawless? was it marred by jail? just the jail alone? did a simple car accident kill a talent? if so, it’s really sad. it was a ROCK STAR for god’s sake. he was bursting popular…now he may be extremely popular too in the mainland market, but i’d like to see him sing, sing in cantonese. i dislike those movies he’s in. just sing, nic! but please don’t come back for the sake of coming back. you better be as good as before or better.

coming up next: edison chen

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oh hit me hit me hit me

hahaha…read the comments

and watch britney!

when Fama was good

i think this is the only Fama song that i’m willing to play over and over again

visual reference:

(i hate clean versions)