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聽 農夫好似食藥咁
聲 難聽到唔到乙等
Yet 內容又令人好振奮
Ed ison間公司又有份
Bet something to do with西人
So this time啲歌有improvement!

i told you we should appreciate Edison. this is a good album he produces. even the mv (above) is so much more lively and cooler than the majority of local mvs. and yes, Fama write better stuff this time — still don’t like their voices much though.

new album playlist here



(thanks gum for pointing it out)

即刻開始聽真啲 農夫兩個MC抄EM嘅事

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody, just follow me

when Fama was good

i think this is the only Fama song that i’m willing to play over and over again

visual reference:

(i hate clean versions)