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thanks to MC Jin we’re checking some rap out tonight. let’s check what Singapore did (3?) years ago:

effort and energy appreciated. apparently Eminem’s having some asian influence:

creativity for new lyrics noted.


just wanna say

i haven’t watched tv for a looooong time. but i managed to watch the ending of FlashForward (yea it’s long ago, missed it) *on computer*. i loved the series — though the way it presented Hong Kong as a fishing village in Qing Dynasty is ridiculous, otherwise everything’s fine and exciting


and i like the song

and is it me or does Dominic Monaghan feel like Nick Cheung? he looks so weird (yes, Nick looks weird too, never found him handsome, nor attractive, sorry) but after FlashForward i have a strange attraction for him. he’s kind of hot!


(thanks gum for pointing it out)

即刻開始聽真啲 農夫兩個MC抄EM嘅事

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody, just follow me

when Fama was good

i think this is the only Fama song that i’m willing to play over and over again

visual reference:

(i hate clean versions)