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This show is:

This show plays for 30 minutes to teach like 3 words, with an unbearable amount of unnecessary unnecessariness. I know it’s a game show, but it’s not even entertaining. It’s more boring than high school Chinese lessons. As usual (TVB game shows) it includes “(common) knowledge" that only historians and language experts would dig into. I don’t see how it’s relevant at all. And does Steven even know enough Chinese to host (the same question to Patrick Tang for the first season)?

I miss 最緊要正字. There’s a lot of controversy among the linguistic geeks, but I love this show, I love the professors I think they’re charming, though I don’t like 王貽興 that much, but it’s okay. Even when they still had a lot of acting and silly plays to link the contents, a far greater amount of words (that’re related to daily life) are introduced in each episode and it’s what educational programme means.


「 ﹁ ﹂ 」

since when are the Chinese quotation marks this way「 」even in vertical writing?

okay but they’ve been right before:

what happened?

what’s happening to the supposedly *a little bit more* “educational" game shows?