Faye Wong is so cute!

[Update: fuck youtube. it was an interview with faye by dodo]

yea’..if she’s not suitable she wouldn’t be in for so long! (though there are a lot who aren’t suitable but remain there for decades..) actually it’s not only the「愚」樂圈, people everywhere welcome and expect HAPPY and well, talking people. if you don’t smile all the time or don’t talk that often they’d say you’re strange. which is strange, esp. in fields like music or arts you’re supposed to have your own characters instead of being the common sorts that folks would normally like. but people still expect that…c’mon they are here to do what they’re good at, not to act friendly for you!





i like the “evil" women (in these two shows). both of them are in power, yet somehow they are the most vulnerable, esp. when contrasted with their status and deeds. this makes them…interesting.



usual canto:

yo yo hippo…i mean hip hop:

what are you trying to do Bosco!!! you look great but please don’t try to be black because you can’t! and the song, the dance and YOU just totally don’t match!! you are looking nice but strange for the mike!

Oh no No NO!

what have i done?! another blog?? oh no no yes! i feel i should have something like xanga where i stuff trash and anything random. there were less and less silly random things even in the late xanga. which is not healthy! i originally wanted another xanga. xanga is so old school in a cool ugly way…until now it tries to be just like any other blogs but fails! i tried opening one account just now and did some customizing but it was all a mess. the dashboard was a mess and a mix between old and new versions which is number 1 confusing. and after i edited and previewed “look & feel" and clicked yes it gave me two looks at two different home urls which is number 2 confusing. so i deleted that. and ended up here. wordpress is too elegant for trash! i need to stuff trash!!!