TVB周刊 717

THIS ISSUE…I struggled whether to buy or not. You know I’ve never bought one TVB Weekly (yea’, what for?), but this issue is really too sexy (can you believe that, TVB got something sexy) to miss. THEN, I didn’t have to, cos I’ve got special friend requests to buy it for them, so I could take a peep!

If there’s anything wrong with the cover, I’d say 苗僑偉 AND 郭晉安. WHY ARE THEY HERE. (sorry, just totally not a fan. why is 郭 even clothed to the neck. i hate actors pretending to be photographers.) I personally would replace them with 敖嘉年 and 胡定欣, also tagged on the left [←] shots slash people that I like. (it’s also a bit annoying to see Kate and Ron on the cover still but it’s OKAY)

Actually I’d love to see Aimee on the cover too but this shot is not very well taken, not her best.

And, Bosco. This reminds me of his portrait taken by Olaf Mueller.

From many of Bosco’s shots, it appears he’s capable of something sensual, something emotionally deeper, but in all the dramas he is a hard-core boyish boy (sometimes, not even young man) in all sorts of shallow expressions. I don’t know, I just feel he has potential of being something better — oh yes, as long as he doesn’t sing, the other day I heard him sing live and it’s just terrible. He’s too mentioned on this blog, excuse me, cos day by day I see TVB spoil him.
OH ONE MORE THING IS WRONG WITH THIS ISSUE: with all these beautiful portraits, why do they print them on this disposable paper? The printing quality is even worse than some of the common tabloids. THEY DESERVE A PORTFOLIO. If anything, the seemingly topless chest-up portraits may already be a big step for TVB, but I know they took more pictures: where are they? Also, I don’t know if they asked the artists to sign themselves, but the written names on their bodies just look too high-school. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY : AMATEUR CALLIGRAPHY (and layout).

    • rachel
    • 三月 30th, 2011

    i thought the idea and particular pictures came out really well, but what really bugged me are the ‘tattoos’ they’re so crudely written and so not professional! and i’m also waiting for tavia and kevin and raymond wong’s photos, i know tavia and kevin didn’t take any yet because they were still filming in china but will be back to film soon! hopefully! i want to see kevin and raymond shirtless pictures for sure! lol

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