2 more things from 7 days

隔離七日情 7 Days in Life

i don’t really watch this series (cos it’s too obviously low-tech and stupid), but since my family 電視送飯 i managed to take a few glimpses of what’s going on.

i don’t think anyone could forget this song from 誘情轉駁 Links to Temptation which also plays in 7 Days. has it become a Steven Ma theme song?
i cracked up at the youtube subtitle but honestly i don’t think this is a bad tune, definitely not as bad as what the comments say. only that it may be played too often at cheesy moments and made sentimental just like what happened to O Come, O Come, Emmanuel in 富貴門 Born Rich.

this is supposed to be a real vintage photo, not a blatantly photoshopped mock-up. but then, since the drama is comedic, i’m not even sure if it’s intentional, for even serious ones are not taken good care of. now, have i linked back to that entry too often?

    • magnifik
    • 二月 16th, 2011

    Damn it sounded like something from Edda Dell’Orso (Do look her up! Start with this youtube.com/watch?v=8B2wbxI6CWY), if they indeed used her number on the show, I’d hafta defend (how rare, I even shock myself when I read this) their eclectic taste.

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