HONG KONG in FlashForward (what an irony)

i briefly mentioned it but was lazy to do the screen caps. but for our declining image i really have to. To the whole world: This is NOT Hong Kong!!!

*since this blog always criticises local productions, i have to make it very clear that FlashForward is not a hk production

this is an actual shot from FlashForward, not a tourism ad. well, what can we say, our tourism board did a really great job on promoting us as a vishing fillage.

hey, i know we’re losing the battle in keeping traditional chinese, and bicycles are good for health, but we still use traditional chinese here in hong kong, and we do not have so many people riding bikes everywhere like they’re feet!

and what’s that box?

is that umbrella an antique? where did you get it? did she travel from the past??

you may have noticed a farmer hat somewhere in this pic, we’ll get back to that later


i mean, these are all chinese, but i just don’t belong to them…

i mean, we do have neon signs and all, but i just don’t belong to this place…

i mean, he doesn’t have a queue, but he must have come from THE QING DYNASTY!!!

there are so many Hui Man Keungs you feel like looking at a Magritte.

oh, farmer hat’s here!

little woman = chinese woman

farmer hat + little woman + OH MY GOD THAT IS A RICKSHAW

please tell me where to find such a restaurant cos i only see them in chinatowns – but then again, my picture of chinatown came from american movies, so i’m not sure anymore

stereotypical chinese gangstas

wkw colours

ohhh…are you in the mood for Hong Kong?

so TVB is not the only one who needs research. now, i’m not sure if i should be happy.

    • magnifik
    • 一月 8th, 2011

    DOG GONE IT! The Chinatown comment is DA BOMB! Your last sentence sums it up well. *snickers*

    Great stuff on the blog. I am now a new follower. *High-5*

  1. 二月 10th, 2013



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