another Tumblr blog

and yet one more *great* tumblr blog. also by chinese overseas: “the good and bad of TVB (and some Hong Kong celebrities) brought to you by Jessie and Jaime“. do check all captions by the lovely bloggers, they are smart and humorous!!

and hey, how come all fun/informational blogs about HK pop culture come from chinese people in foreign lands? (yea..thinking about littleoslo) i mean, really FUN blogs, not some extremely academic 3000-word-per-entry cultural studies in nerdy layouts. local bloggers do something!

  1. Hey!! This is Jessie :D thank you for posting this and I’m glad the blog entertained you.

    Regarding what you said about the foreign land aspect – it is SO TRUE!!! We thought about it and think it’s mostly due to local Hong Kong-ers don’t appreciate/see TVB the same way overseas people do. Besides, when they see something bad, HK-ers tend to blatantly complain and bitch rather than taking the satirical approach (like we do, making the best out of the worst!). Of course, nothing is perfect and TVB most certainly is not. But I feel like TVB doesn’t get enough of the positive recognition for the work they have done.

  1. 三月 3rd, 2011


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