Fashion World-in-HK Talent Awards

two episodes of Fashion World Talent Awards have been broadcast and wow, what can i say, it’s SO. HONG. KONG!

let’s see why it’s so hong kong so far from the first round:

Emphasis on collaboration instead of individuality
teamwork from the start. fashion designer, image stylist, fashion photographer. three titles, three posts, clear. take a look of the (current) local pop song world and you understand. composer, lyricist, singer. even composing may be divided into melody and arrangement. any position could be replaced with any person, even the singer. the foreign music scene got a lot of bands so they themselves do everything related to music. and for the others there are posts like song writers separate from the artists, but the team is pretty much invisible. the star is there. i don’t mean neglecting people who contribute, but it’s more about presenting a unique personality than matchmaking eclectically.

stars with personalities? you sure, not industrial puppets?

story boards and storytelling bullshit. presenting to the clients, ya, big deal. i know it’s what they have to do in real life, but this university style presentation? let’s see, Project Runway, the piece should be able to speak for itself, bullshit left to the judges. America’s Next Top Model, the shots should speak, bullshit left to the judges. So You Think You Can Dance, the dance does it, bullshit left to the judges. in fact in these shows, the judges don’t really bullshit (except maybe ANTM), they have similar professional standards and give critical comments. while in The Voice (超級巨聲), yes the bullshit is really left to the judges, but first the singer judges can’t even sing themselves (it’s alright if you’re a musician who doesn’t sing, or a critic, then you can judge. but if you’re a singer who can’t sing and who tries to judge someone singing, it sucks), then they pretend to make the whole thing a serious shit and try to give professional comments on detailed treatments that’re not even there. c’mon, it’s a matter of whether you can or can’t, obvious. cut the bullshit cos it won’t make the show better.

ironically while they have three completely different roles that seem very specific in terms of profession, each of them in a team has to do everything. all of them have to be the models of their first shots, they have to retouch their own photos, they have to prepare story boards themselves, basically everything that diminishes the dignity of a PROFESSION, just like real life. really, this show (competition, awards, whatever) tries to fulfill more than 3 wishes in 1 go. they want stars, they want stars in three professions (designer, photographer, stylist, that’s already three wishes), they want competition, they want recruitment, they want better trade and better image of the HK fashion scene, if there’s one. you know why Project Runway and Models of the Runway have to be two shows? and Shear Genius is dedicated to hair styling alone!

apparently the cup here holds the funky, fun, weird, complicated, gimmicky, young type of tea. no sophisticated and/or high fashion, fuck yeah.

Reality in reality show
we’re so full of jobs all the time in hong kong. a few contestants were absent from final presentation because of their own jobs.

well, having said that, no offence, it’s a different culture right. take a look of their works. *some* of them are pretty cool.

and you know what’s the best part of the show?


and the expression of this judge, winnie wan!

priceless, it embodies the whole show.

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