Edison Chen appreciation

after nicholas, we have edison

look at him, he might have fucked a million times, but there’s sth pure about him

he went from pop to rap, trying to send every message he could

he dared to make fun of paparazzi

he attempted to present something different

being rich and having taste enable him to get all talents together and make something great. looking great, at least. he’s got creative ideas and he made them look fresh and fun. and of course even at his pop song era he managed looking good effortlessly. is he not the most handsome thing after leslie cheung, and perhaps a pretty version of anthony wong chau sang? now do we find someone with a face like that and who has one or two creative genes AND who’s got the exposure? exposure is very important to get good messages across.

and he likes hong kong and tried to do something. and again what did we do? killing him because of a tiny little thing that’s made huge. oh, this boy had sex, alright. what, he took pics? don’t get me started with paris hilton, he didn’t even intend to show them to the whole world. to be honest, i too think he’s not a skilled singer nor actor, but he was starting something in this hopeless city, and we even stopped that thing from growing. what’s wrong with us?

now go fucking watch your sweet little GOOD boy 張敬軒 commenting on eminem, fucking righteous hong kongers.

  1. 三月 14th, 2010
  2. 三月 19th, 2010
  3. 八月 16th, 2010
  4. 五月 16th, 2011



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